We @ Merlinhawk
Merlinhawk Aerospace is a business unit of Merlinhawk Associates (P) Ltd focused on the aviation and defence sectors. Teams of highly competent personnel, with decades of hands-on experience on aircraft and defence systems ensure reliable and operational efficiency in all products and services offered.

Merlinhawk is an EN/JISQ/AS9100:2009 / ISO9001:2008 certified company and is also backed by all required statutory certifications as a military and civil Design Organisation and a licensed manufacturer of products for aviation and defence applications.

Activities @ Merlinhawk
For operational effectiveness Merlinhawk has three broad divisions to respond to customer specific requirements:
Aerospace & Defence
Design and manufacture of electronic and electromechanical products including cable harness assemblies for airborne and ground applications; value added products from renowned global principals.
Test &Measurement
T&M equipment from leading manufacturers and customised value added services
Microwave equipment from leading manufacturers and customised value added services

Expertise @ Merlinhawk
Design and Prototyping
From design to prototyping, all customer requirements are addressed and incorporated. Fully functional prototypes to testing and verification and validation of all design features
Manufacture of products and testing for product certification by regulatory bodies
Customer Support
Integration, installation and certification on airborne or ground platforms
Product Support
Life time product support and service
Value Addition
Adding to the capabilities of existing products by extension, modification or additional capabilities

Values @ Merlinhawk
At Merlinhawk, quality, reliability and efficiency are a given and taken for granted. Total commitment to customer requirements and extending end-to-end solutions is what identifies Merlinhawk. Merlinhawk is now a trusted brand in all the countries where we operate.