Airborne Products

Tail Rotor Vibration Warning System (TRVWS)
The TRVWS continuously monitors the tail rotor vibration of a rotary wing aircraft and gives a visual warning when vibration levels exceed preset limits. The unit monitors both the axial and radial vibrations on the tail rotor.

This LRU features two warning levels indicated using AMBER and RED lamps in the cockpit. The thresholds for these warnings are preset in the unit. Accordingly, the unit triggers   AMBER or RED warning lamp based on the current vibration level. The warnings of the radial and axial channels are ORed together for annunciation. Additionally, analog outputs are provided for recording on the aircraft’s FDR system.


Flight Data Transfer Unit (FDTU)
The FDTU is an LRU designed for use in Mi-17 helicopter, IL-76 and IL-78 aircraft for recording flight data.  This LRU operates in parallel with the existing Flight Data Recording System (FDR). The FDTU collects the stream of data from the existing Flight Data Acquisition Unit, decodes and records the same onto a removable compact flash memory (Compact Flash Card).

Post flight the CFC is removed from the FDTU and transferred to ‘Ground Station Analysis System’ which hosts the application software, for analysis and reporting.

MERLINE – Quick Access Recorder
MERLINE is a compact data recorder for use on various airborne platforms. Its form factor has been designed such that its accessibility is ‘Easy & Quick’ and hence the name ‘Quick Access Recorder’. 

MERLINE can be configured to interface with different data streams such as ARINC 717/573/429 and RS422/RS232.  Data is recorded on a removable Compact Flash Card for easy transfer to ground station system. Alternately, data can be downloaded via USB interface.


Solid State Flight Data Recording System
Merlinhawk's Solid State Flight Data Recording System (SSFDRS) consists of a Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) and a Solid State Crash Worthy Data Recorder. It is designed for easy adaptability and use on various airborne platforms for flight data recording.  

Data can be conveniently downloaded from the FDRS using a hand held Data Download Unit. The downloaded data is analysed on the Ground Station Equipment (GSE) with application software developed by Merlinhawk, which has several advanced analysis & report generation features.