Merlinhawk Aerospace

Social Responsibility


CSR at Merlinhawk Aerospace is ingrained into the DNA of the organization. At Merlinhawk Aerospace, we believe in the power of education, to this end The Merlinhawk Children’s Education Fund was set up as the flagship CSR program, which supports employee’s children’s education through special fellowships. Additionally, Merlinhawk runs programs such as “trainee apprenticeships” that provide hands on training for students, enables them to participate in active projects for their dissertations and encourages study visits by students’ groups; all aimed at creating “technical wealth” for the industry and the country.

Merlinhawk also believes in safeguarding the environment for the future generations. To this end, we recycle all the paper used within the organization and have set up a waste water Treatment recycling plant and rainwater harvesting at our facility to reduce the use of fresh water. Further, the company annually makes significant contributions to recognised environment & wildlife and conservation programmes and supports wildlife photographers.

The company is an equal opportunity employer and strongly adheres to a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind including age, gender, religious leanings, ethnicity, social background or physical abilities. Aspects such as employee healthcare and safety, customer privacy protection, awareness and training on a continuous basis for skill enhancement are also suitably addressed right through the value chain.

Merlinhawk has also adopted best business practices from organisational governance to labour practices; from customer related aspects to community issues, aimed at benefiting the stakeholders at large. By closely working with customers and offering customised products of high quality that comply with requirements to providing support and services for the entire life cycle of the product ensures a robust working relation all along the supply-delivery chain.