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We offer continuous support including upgrades of the product, after Sales support and maintenance of any manufacturing company. To ensure customer satisfaction Merlinhawk has in house team of well trained, experienced and certified group of personnel undertaking aeronautical engineering activities of production, assembly, upgradation, modification and retro fitment during the life cycle of the product. Additionally, every activity is separately and specifically certified by the regulatory bodies or by the user’s representatives who have been certified to do so.

Post the prototype phase, Installation, integration and support activities need to be undertaken, further during the product life cycle through modifications and upgrades are required. Merlinhawk has capabilities in house to undertake all such activities. Modifications are done for many reasons/ occasions, such as extending the aircraft life, changes in aircraft functionality/ role, compliance with new safety and environmental regulations, improving reliability and functionality, mission capability, passenger/ operators comfort or general maintenance requirements. Whatever maybe the cause, Merlinhawk works with the operators to provide solutions.


Merlinhawk undertakes fitment of intended product / item for its functionality as per the design specifications and approved drawings on the platform. The product is installed as per the fitment drawings with care taken to ensuring its functionality as per technical specifications / requirements on the platform along with co-related sub-systems without hampering their functionality or degrading their performance, safety of flight or reliability.


Our fully equipped and authorised central service centre located at Bangalore undertakes all repairs, maintenance and calibration service activities including both onsite and offsite maintenance.


Support encompasses the integration and installation of the product as per approved technical specifications to ensure its functionality on the aircraft platform. This includes upgrades of any type to ensure continued operational functionality. This also involves training of all operators at the time of installation on the usage and maintenance of equipment as well as periodic/refresher training whenever necessary.

Contract Manufacturing

Merlinhawk offers two lines of Contract Manufacturing, namely Build-To-Specification & Built-To-Print.


Services include turnkey solutions to take project from conception to mass production quickly and efficiently. Customers choose turn-key build to spec offering due to convenience of a single Point of contact for Design/Engineering, Industrialization and Manufacturing. It reduces the need for multiple interfaces at each stage of the project and fastens the products time-to-market and facilitating a Design-To-Cost approach and reducing the total cost of ownership. This engagement model involves higher IP and value creation opportunities for both the customer and for Merlinhawk.

The customer is also able to better the product Lifecycle management by proactively and effectively managing issues such as obsolescence, performance upgrades, market-specific localization and cost reduction.

Built to Print:

Build-to-print services provide turnkey assembly of your equipment replication project including all purchasing, documentation management, assembly, inspection, testing, and worldwide shipping. We have an integrated team of experts for our build-to-print customers: Project Managers with engineering backgrounds, Procurement team to help with Obsolescence Management, Production technicians with diverse skillsets & Design Engineers (Software, Electrical, Controls).

Merlinhawk is a Tier 1 Contract Manufacturing Partner for HAL & BEL in India.


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